This will be New Music Edmonton’s 8th annual festival, and we have a lot of phenomenal sound-oriented creativity to ring in spring 2019.   Want to play a pivotal role?  Consider volunteering!


Thursday,  March 21

Theatre Lab, Allard Hall, MacEwan University

7:30 Live Mix

Raylene Campbell, Landing 23
The Olm: Caitlin Sian Richards, viola; Jenna Turner, violin

9:00 Terri Hron, Nesting

Friday, March 22

City Hall, noon

Now Hear This City Hall Players performing the world premiere of Emilie LeBel’s How To Behave In a Crowd *free admission!*

Holy Trinity Anglican Church, 7:30: HyperLiveCubeMix

Anna Pidgorna, Roger Admiral, Arlan Vriens performing Pidgornas’ Teach Your Daughters

Holy Drone Travellers with Mustafa Rafiq
Mustafa Rafiq, Guitar; Matt Meeker, Bass, Trombone, Synth; Bhuyash Neupane, Tablas, Singing

Ryan M. Hemphill and Nico Arnáez performing Hemphill’s Duet for Electric Guitar and Electric Bass

Organist Reinhard von Berg performing his piece Visions 

Hypercube: Chris Graham, percussion; Andrea Lodge, piano; Erin Rogers, saxophones; Jay Sorce, classical & electric guitar

Holy Trinity Anglican Church Upper Hall, 9:30: Sound Lounge

Saturday, March 23

Holy Trinity Anglican Church

11:00 Kids Hear This: bring the kids for a funny, noisy introduction to musical instruments and 21st century sounds! *free admission!*

2:00 Song of Sibyls with organetto player Katelyn Clark

3:30 NME Sound Lounge in the Holy Trinity Upper Hall

7:30 Saturday Night Double Feature

Helen Pridmore performing Ana Sokolovic’s Love Songs

Civvie and Friends: Ethan Bokma, bass clarinet; Natanielle Felicitas, cello; respectfulchild, violin; Kelly Ruth, weaving loom

9:30 NME Sound Lounge in the Holy Trinity Upper Hall

Sunday, March 24

Theatre Lab, Allard Hall, MacEwan University

11:00 Sonic Play School: Improvising with Found Objects

located next to Theatre Lab in room 11-216 and taught by Scott Smallwood *free event*

2:00 HyperViolet

UltraViolet: Roger Admiral, piano; Allison Balcetis, saxophones; Chenoa Anderson, flutes; Amy Nicholson, cello

Hypercube: Chris Graham, percussion; Andrea Lodge, piano; Erin Rogers, saxophones; Jay Sorce, classical & electric guitar


The Olm

Two new mothers, Jenna Turner (violin) and Caitlin Richards (viola), respond to their babies and create a lullaby in two parts, improvised over a collage of their daughters’ voices. In Gwendolyn Suite, a breast pump echoes, and violin, viola and other sounds soothe the harsh cries of a newborn overwhelmed by the world out of utero. Annalisa Suite begins in pregnancy where a mother sings to connect with her baby, then in labour through fetal distress.


Opening January 24, 2019


Featured Artists

Scott Mackenzie, Shawn McClure, Rob MillerRoberta Murray, Ruta Nichol, Talar and Jean-Claude Prefontaine, David ShkolnyFei SuJenna TurnerDiana Zasadny

The process of making is not a singular act of influence or confluence. The creative process demands a confluence of one’s own history, biases, abilities and even limitations with the influences of politics, economics, social constructs and the physical environment.

By embracing both influence and confluence, we form a new and original path. Attend the free showcase opening reception at Alberta Branded on January 24 at 6 p.m.